Windows 10: How to Switch Desktops

In this short tutorial, you will learn how to switch desktops plus the Windows 10 Switch desktops shortcut.

Windows 10 offers the option to create and use virtual desktops. It's as simple as opening the task view and clicking on the plus button.

A virtual desktop is useful for organizing your online activities and each window will display its own apps.

For instance, on one desktop, you can be paying bills, and on another working on your online thesis and on yet a third playing games or shopping for gifts.

In this way, you can avoid having too many unrelated windows and tabs open all on the main desktop.

Windows 10: How to Switch Desktops using Task View

Before you can switch desktops, you need to create some to work with.

To start, open Task View - the button located next to the search box.

If your task view button is missing, right-click the taskbar  and select Show Task View Button

In the Task View, you can add more windows, by clicking the Plus button

By default, each will be entitled Desktop 1, Desktop 2, etc.

You can rename each desktop, on right-click.

You can switch between desktops in Task View.

Just click on the Desktop you want to access.

The Task View right-click option for each desktop offers many options, including, Move to, which is useful for moving apps and windows from one desktop to another.

To move a window from one desktop to another

Hover Window > Move To > Select Desktop

You can also click and drag the app to another desktop at the top of the Task View

Windows 10:  Switch desktops shortcut

Here's a quick way to switch desktops without accessing the Task View.

CTRL + Windows key + left/right arrow key

If you are on Desktop 1, you will press the right arrow to move to Desktop 2.

If you are on Desktop 1 and click the left arrow, nothing will happen. The same is true if you are on Desktop 2 and click the right arrow.

By now, you should understand how to access the Task View; manipulate the right-click options, move windows from one desktop to another as well a shortcut for moving between your Windows 10 Desktops.


In this tutorial, we explained step by step how to switch Desktops on Windows 10.