Here's how to check Which Windows 10 Version you are using

In this tutorial you will learn how to check which Windows 10 version, build number and more that it's running on your computer.

Method 1 - By Using Windows 10 Control Panel

Right click over the start menu button

Once you right click over the windows button it should open the settings menu as shown in the screenshot below, then simply go to "System"

Next , scroll down and go to About section on the left

In this window you can see your Device Specifications such as

Device name  - Your computer's name
Processor  - Processor type you are using
Ram  - Total Ram installed on your computer

Device ID - The ID of your device

Product ID - Product ID

System Type - Whether you are running x86(32bit) or x64(64bit) operating system

Another useful feature is the copy button, which allows you to copy all this information and paste it anywhere you want this information saved. This is useful in cases when you are having issues with your computer and you need more details about your system in order to troubleshoot the issues.

Scroll down to see Windows Specifications, in this section you can see only details about your Operating System, such as :

Edition - Shows which Windows 10 Edition you are using
Version - Windows 10 Version
Installed on - Time when OS was Installed
OS Build - Operating System build version
Experience - Build number of  Windows Feature Pack

Method 2 - By Using winver Command

Step 1- Launch run command box

Press ctrl + R to launch run

Step 2 - Type winver in the run box

Now simply type "winver" without quotes in run and press enter

And it should show you which Windows 10 Edition, version and build number you are using on your computer.


By now you should know how to check which windows 10 version, build number and edition you are using.