How to Watch Free TV channels on Linux Mint

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

In this tutorial you will learn how to watch free tv channels on Linux Mint, if you are a fan of free Iptv channels then this tutorial is for you.

What is Hypnotix?

Hypnotix is an new m3u player that allows you to watch free IPTV channels on Linux.

Hypnotix Features

  • EPG support (Live TV Program)
  • PVR (pausing, time-shifting, recording…etc)
  • Custom categories
  • Favorites
  • Hiding unused content

How to install Hypnotix

If you are using Linux Mint 20.1, you don't have to install Hypnotix as it is pre installed on your system, all you have to do is, open Linux Mint menu and search for Hypnotix and then simply launch it.

If the software is not installed on your system or if you are using another operating system then follow the steps below to install it

Step 1 - Download Hypnotix

You can install hypnotix via terminal or simply by downloading the .deb file manually and installing it via gdebi package manager.

Install Hypnotix via terminal

sudo apt install hypnotix

Install Hypnotix via GUI

Click the link below to download the .deb file, then simply double click on the .deb file in order to install it.

Note: The link above is a direct official link that will download hypnotix 3.4 in a tar.gz file. Once you download the tar.gz file, you need to extract it, and then install hypnotix's deb package.

tar -xvf packages.tar.gz

The command above will extract packages.tar.gz into a folder called packages which inside this folder you will find hypnotix_3.4_all.deb, as show in the image below

Once Hypnotix has been installed on your system, it should be listed on the applications menu under the internet category. However, sometimes softwares don't appear right after installing so at this point you may need to restart your system or depending on the os you are using you can browse manually to the path where softwares are located.

For example, to launch Hypnotix manually you can do so by running the command below


If the command above doesn't work, you can try to execute Hypnotix binary file, which is located on /usr/bin/.


How many channels can I watch?

As Linux Mint stated on their website, Hypnotix is not a content provider but only a browser and player, by default Hypnotix comes with only one provider. However, the good news is that you can add your own IPTV provider.

How to add my Provider on Hypnotix

Step 1 - Launch Hypnotix

Step 2 - Click over the TV Icon

Step 3 - Click to "Add a new provider"

Now on this step you can add your own provider. Hypnotix supports M3U playlists, remote M3U URLs and Xtream API

To use M3U playlist - Select Type "Local M3U File"

If you have downloaded the m3u playlist to your computer and you want to add it on Hypnotix, to do this simply click the folder icon and select the m3u file.

To use M3U URLs - Select Type "M3U URL"

Simply copy paste the m3u url to M3U url field.

To use Xtream API - Select Type " Xstream API"

You need to fill out username, password and the m3u url.

So let's say you want to add an remote m3u URL, select type "M3U URL" as shown in the screenshot below, set a name for the provider and then simply click ok, then you should see the channels listed.

How to delete a provider?

Click to Tv Icon, and then simply click the x button for the provider you want to delete.

How many providers can I add?

There's no limit of how many providers you can add. However, I'd recommend add only providers that you trust them, just because they are free it doesn't mean they are safe.


In this tutorial you learned how to watch free TV on Linux by using Hypnotix.