How to update Linux Mint 21.2

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

Updating your system is necessary so you get the latest features, and most importantly security features that patch the security bugs that your system may have.

On Linux Mint performing an update is done via two different ways, by using the terminal, or by using the Update Manager.

If you are new to Linux Mint, and you don't know how to check for updates, then simply follow the steps in this tutorial, and update your system without struggling.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to update Linux Mint 21.2.

Update Linux Mint with Terminal

First you must launch a terminal shell. Terminal can be launched from the applications menu, or simply by using the shortcut "CTRL + ALT + T".

Once the terminal is launched, proceed to enter the command below, and press enter to execute it

sudo apt update

Once you execute the command above, you will be asked to enter the sudo password. Sudo permission is required in order to update your system, type your password and then press enter to authenticate.

Next, you should see apt checking for updates, and it will let you know if there are packages that needs to be updated on your system

As you can see, in our case there are 17 packages that needs to be updated. So let's update them.

On the same terminal, run the command below to start the update process

sudo apt upgrade

You won't need to enter sudo password as long as the same terminal session is active. If you closed the terminal accidentally, then you will need to authenticate just like you did on the firs step when checking for updates.

Press the Y key to confirm and start upgrading the outdated packages. And the upgrade process will begin as shown in the image below.

Leave this terminal open while packages are being upgraded.

"Done" means the upgrade process has been completed

Update Linux Mint with Update Manager

Update Manager is a Linux Mint app that checks for new updates automatically, and notifies you when new updates are ready to be installed.

The update manager appears on your taskbar as a white icon when there is no new updates to be installed. In cases when there packages that needs to be updated, the icon of update manager gets another little orange icon which indicates that there are new updates that you should install on your system.

No Updates

New Updates

To update packages with Update Manager, first you must launch Update Manager. To do this, click to Mint Menu button, then on the search box type "update" and Update manager will come up, click to launch it.

To install updates, click on "Install Updates" button

If in the list of packages that will be updated are kernel updates too, you need confirm by clicking the "Ok" button

Next, enter sudo password and press enter

Once your system has been updated, you need to reboot in order for the updates to take effect.


In this tutorial, you learned how to update Linux Mint 21.1 via terminal and by using GUI.