How to remove a repository on OpenSUSE "Tumbleweed"

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

If you don't want to receive updates for a software that is not installed on your system anymore, you need to remove its repository from your system.

To remove a repository on OpenSUSE is quite simple. You can remove a repository by using the terminal, and by using GUI with YaST software management.

Remove a repository with Yast Software management

To remove a repository with YaST software management, first you must launch YaST. Depending on the desktop environment that you are using, you can find YaST on the applications menu.

Once YaST software management is launched, you need to go to 'Configuration' and then click to 'Repositories'

Next, select the repository that you want to remove, and click to 'Delete'

You will see the following prompt, click to 'Yes' to confirm and remove the repository.

Once the repository has been removed from your system, it will take you to the repositories window, you need to click to the 'Ok' button now in order for changes to take effect.

Remove a repository with Terminal

removerepo command allows you to remove a repository from your system directly from the terminal.

Launch a terminal, and to remove a repo you need to run the command below

sudo zypper removerepo

replace the URL of the repository that you want to remove

After removing the repository from your system, you need to refresh the repositories. To do this, you need to use the refresh command

sudo zypper refresh

After refreshing the repositories, check for updates running the command below

sudo zypper update


In this tutorial, you learned how to remove a repository on OpenSUSE, using GUI and using the terminal.