How to mount a ssd drive on Linux

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

In this tutorial, you will learn how to mount a solid state drive on your Linux machine.

Mounting a drive is necessary in cases when you are using a Linux distro without a desktop environment installed on it, in such case you need to mount your drives manually as the system won't do that automatically.

To mount a drive, whether it is a ssd, hdd or even a usb device, you can do so by following the steps below.

Step 1 - Check devices

Before mounting your drive on your system, you need to check if the ssd drive is recognized by the system. To check if the ssd drive is plugged in and working, you can use the lsblk command.

lsblk is a useful command that allows you to list all the drives that are plugged in on your system.


As you can see, /dev/sdb3 appear on the list of the plugged in drives. This is the drive that we'll be mounting later on.

Step 2 - Mount ssd drive

In this tutorial, we are using a ssd drive, and mounting in on our machine. However, you can mount any device you want, whether that is a ssd, hdd or usb drive.

Once you verify that the drive is plugged in on your system, you can proceed to mount to your system.

1) Before you mount the drive, first you must create the directory where you are going to mount it. To do so, simply use the mkdir command.

sudo mkdir /home/owlhowto/ssd-drive

The command above will create a directory called ssd-drive on /home directory. This is the directory that we'll be using as the mount point.

2) Now to mount your drive simply run the command below.

sudo mount /dev/sdb3 /home/owlhowto/ssd-drive

where /dev/sdb3 is the ssd drive that we are mounting, and the /home/ssd-drive is the mount point.

3) Now your drive should be mounted on /home/ssd-drive, which means you can now access your files on your device by simply browsing to the directory where you mounted the drive.

To access your files, simply use the cd command.

cd /home/owlhowto/ssd-drive

How to unmount the mounted drive

You can use the umount command to unmount the mounted drive.

sudo umount /home/owlhowto/ssd-drive


In this tutorial, you learned how to mount a ssd drive on your Linux machine.