How to Mirror your Screen on Linux to any Device

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

Deskreen is a very useful software that allows you to mirror your desktop to your TV, phone,computer or any other device, for example you can share your desktop via wifi without having to use an hdmi or any other cable.

You can also stream multiple sources at the same time which means you can use the same device to share the desktop into multiple screen/devices.

In this tutorial you will learn how to mirror/share your desktop/screen on Linux to any device you want.

Follow the steps below to learn how to do this.

Step 1- Download Deskreen

Deskreen supports Linux/MacOS/Windows, in this tutorial we're installing deskreen on Linux mint, so we'll be downloading the deb file. If you use another linux distro you should download the .appimage file.

Go to the official website and click the .deb button to download the .deb file

Step 2 - Install Deskreen

Once you have downloaded the .deb file or the .appimage, you need to install it, follow the steps below to Install Deskreen.

Install the .deb file via Package Manager

There are two methods to install the deb file on Linux, you can install it via GUI by using the default gdebi package manager, to do this simply double click and open the deskreen_2.0.3_amd64.deb file, then click the Install button

Enter password if  prompted and proceed the installation by pressing the enter button

Install the .deb file via Terminal

To install the Deskreen .deb file via the terminal , use the command below, browse to the directory where you downloaded the .deb file and launch the terminal from there, then simply run the command below to install Deskreen

sudo dpkg -i deskreen_2.0.3_amd64.deb

Install the .appimage

The good thing about .appimage is that you don't have to install anything, the apppimage is a format of portable software on Linux that contains all the dependencies and all other files that the app needs to run, so to use the .appimage all you have to do give it permission to execute as program.

Make the file executable via GUI

You can do this by right clicking over the .appimage and Going into Permission and then simply check the Box "Allow executing file as program" and then run the .appimage

Make the file executable via Terminal

Browse to the folder where you downloaded the .appimage file, then simply run the command below

chmod +x Deskreen-2.0.3.AppImage

If you have a lot of files on the folder where you downloaded the software you can use the ls command to view the list of files and look for a file called Deskreen-2.0.3.AppImage once you find it run the chmod command as shown below

Now you can run the Deskreen-2.0.3.AppImage by double clicking on it or via terminal by using the command below


Both methods do the same thing, run the app.

Step 3 - Launch Deskreen and Share Your Desktop

This is the default look of Deskreen, now all you need to to is to copy the IP address shown on the blue bar and paste to the browser's device where you are trying to share your desktop.

You can also use the qr code where supported, for example on your phone you can use a qr reader software and once you scan the qr code below it will redirect you to the IP address from where you can view the shared desktop/application.

Once you browse to the sharing IP from the device where you are trying to view your shared desktop you'll get this Window

Click the Allow button

Next you have the option to select if you want to share the whole Desktop or just an Application.

Entire Screen - Means sharing the whole desktop, so whatever you see on your screen will be shared to that IP

Application Window - Means you will be able to share the screen for only one App

For example if you share Firefox then only Firefox window will be shared to the other device

Next click the Confirm button

Now simply click over the Entire Screen window as shown on the screenshot below and it will share the whole screen to your Device.

If you can't connect even after following the steps in this tutorial, it may be your firewall blocking the connection, if the port 3131 it's not open then the firewall it's not going to allow the other device to connect to your desktop.

You can open the needed port on ufw by executing the command below

sudo ufw allow 3131

Once the rule has been added on your firewall restart Deskreen and copy paste again the same IP on the browser's device and it should work.


By now you should know how to share your desktop on Linux to any device you want. Deskreen allows you to mirror/share your desktop to multiple devices such as Computers, TVs, Smartphones , Tablet or any other device.