How to make music with Chrome Music Lab on Linux

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

I was browsing today on the internet as usual, and I found a very cool chrome experiment site. Chrome experiments is a site that contains many unique projects submitted by coders all around the world.

The site that I'm talking today about, is called Chrome Music Lab. On this site there are several online tools that you can use to make music.

Creating music on Chrome Music Lab is easy and you don't need technical knowledge, and the best thing about Chrome Music Lab is that you don't need to download anything on your computer to use it, because a browser it's all you need.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make music on Linux.

Let's now go through each tool and see how they work, and how you can make music with it.

1) Shared Piano

Shared Piano is a online piano tool,  that allows you to share your piano with another person, for example you can play piano with your friend at the same time. All you have to do is create a room and then send the room link to your friend that you want to play piano with.  

2) Song Maker

Song Maker is a tool that allows you to make songs, using different instruments such as : marimba, piano, strings, woodwind , electronic, kit and much more. It also allows you to choose a tempo, and record your voice, so you can turn any music you create into a song by adding your voice on it.

3) Rhythm

How do you create a rhythm in a song? Rhythm is the perfect tool that you can use to learn how to create a rhythm.

4) Spectrogram

Spectrogram allows you to see the frequencies of the sound.  Ever wondered how your voice would look like if you could see it? Well you can find out, go to spectrogram and upload your sounds or voice into the tool, simply drag and drop the sound into the tool.

5) Sound Waves

Sound Waves is a tool that allows you to see how sound waves move through air. Tap on piano buttons and see how blue dots move based on the sound that the button generates.

6) Kandinsky

Kandinsky turns your drawing into music.

How does it work?

Simply draw something, and click the play button and see how your painting sounds like. For example,  I drew OwlHowTo

7) Voice spinner

Voice Spinner, allows you to change the pitch of your voice. Simply click the microphone button to record your voice, and start spinning the wheel, and see how your voice sounds like in different pitches.

8) Piano Roll

Piano roll is a device that produces music based on holes punched on a roll of paper. This tool also does the same, it "reads" the roll of paper and turns every print into a note. Furthermore, it allows you to  record your voice and make music with different piano rolls.

9) Melody Maker

Melody maker allows you to make melodies, simply click on the grid and add your notes, then click the play button to hear the melody that you created.

You can also change the tempo of your melody, by dragging the tempo bar left or right.

You can check the full list of expirements on Chrome Music Lab's Website.


In this article, we explained what Chrome Music Lab is, and how you can make use of this experiment to create music and make songs.