How to install waydroid on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy Jellyfish

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

In this tutorial you will learn how to install waydroid on Ubuntu 22.04. Waydroid is a full android system which runs in a container on your Linux system. Even though waydroid it's not the only solution that you can use to run Android apps on Linux, it's one of the easiest way of doing this.

Follow the steps in this tutorial to Install Waydroid on Ubuntu 22.04

Step 1 - Install curl

Curl package is needed to download waydroid installer on your system, make sure you have curl installed on your system, if you don't have it installed, run the command below to install it

sudo apt install curl -y

Step 2 - Install Certificate Authority

Add the certificate authority on your system by running the command below

sudo apt install ca-certificates -y

Step 3 - Add waydroid's repository

Once you have installed curl and ca-certificates on your system, now you need to add the repository from where waydroid will be downloaded.

curl | sudo bash

Step 4 - Install waydroid

All you have to now is to run the install command to Install waydroid

sudo apt install waydroid -y

Step 5 - Launch Waydroid

Waydroid icon will appear at the menu bar, click on it and "Initialize Window" will prompt, on this window you need to download the system image that waydroid will use, choose Android Type and click the Download button

Next, the download will start, give a little time for the process to finish.

Once the download has been finished, click Done to confirm.

Now you can launch waydroid normally through the icon on the menu or simply lookup for 'Waydroid' on the search box on menu and launch waydroid from there.

And you should be able to use waydroid

How to run waydroid on Virtualbox

If your main desktop it's not Ubuntu you can create an Ubuntu virtual machine on Virtualbox or any other virtualization software and run waydroid from there.

To do this, run

nano /var/lib/waydroid/waydroid.cfg

We are using nano, however you can use any text editor you like.

Next, copy and paste the following config lines to waydroid.cfg under properties


save the new configuration by pressing CTRL + X

The config file should look like this

arch = x86_64
vendor_type = MAINLINE
system_datetime = 1679116647
vendor_datetime = 1679138482
suspend_action = freeze
mount_overlays = True
images_path = /var/lib/waydroid/images
system_ota =
vendor_ota =
binder = anbox-binder
vndbinder = anbox-vndbinder
hwbinder = anbox-hwbinder


Once you do this you need to apply the new config with the command

sudo waydroid upgrade -o

All you have to do now is launch waydroid. That's it!


In this tutorial you learned how to run Android apps on Ubuntu 22.04 by using waydroid - a fully android system ran in a container.