How to Install warpinator on Debian 12 "Bookworm"

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

Warpinator is a tool that you can use to share files between computers on the same network. It allows you to share files easily without having to upload your files on a third party cloud hosting.

Warpinator supports Linux distros such as : Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Debian and Arch Linux.

You can also use the flatpak version, which is supported on any Linux operating system.

Even though warpinator supports Debian, warpinator package it's not available on Debian repository, which means we can't install it like we would install a software that can be found on debian repository. So in this case, we need to download the .deb file of warpinator, and install it manually.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to Install warpinator on Debian 12 "Bookworm"

Step 1 - Update your system

Before you install warpinator and its dependencies, run the command below to update your system.

sudo apt update

Step 2 - Install Warpinator Dependencies

Once you have updated your system, proceed to install the required dependencies for warpinator. To do this, simply launch terminal, and run the command below

sudo apt-get install python3-grpc-tools python3-grpcio

Step 3 - Install Warpinator

Next, you need to download warpinator github repository into your machine.

git clone

Once warpinator repository has been downloaded into your computer, you need to enter to warpinator directory by running the command below

cd warpinator

Now you need to build warpinator

dpkg-buildpackage --no-sign

Once the build process is completed, proceed to Download warpinator .deb file. You can download the deb file from the official Linux Mint repository

In this tutorial we are installing warpinator_1.4.5+elsie_all.deb

Next, cd into Downloads folder, or to any directory where you downloaded the deb file.

cd Downloads

And run the command below to install warpinator_1.4.5+elsie_all.deb

sudo dpkg -i warpinator_1.4.5+elsie_all.deb

Step 4 - Use Warpinator

Now that warpinator has been installed, you can use it. Warpinator will be added on the applications menu, just like other apps. So to launch warpinator, Click to Activities, and search for 'warpinator' on the search box, and then click the warpinator icon

Now once warpinator is launched, you need to setup the code that allows you to share files to other computers.

Go to 'Settings' and choose 'Preferences'

Next, go to the 'Connection' tab

Once you are in the Connection tab, click to the code box and enter your code. Code can be anything, a phrase, a word, anything you like.

Once you set a code, click to 'Set code' to save changes.


Note: You need to use the same code on the other computer that you want to share files too. Let's say you have two computers on the same network, to be able to share files between them, both warpinators must be using the same code.

Next, you need to make sure that both ports are opened on your firewall. To open a port on the firewall, Click to + button

Next go to 'Simple' tab, and create a rule for both ports as shown in the image below

Now, Computer that uses the same code, will appear on Warpinator window.

To send files to the other computer, simply click over the computer name

And then click to 'Send Files' button

Next, you need to select the file that you are going to send. You can select this file from the recent files, or simply import it via browse option.

Now once you send the file, the other computer will get the following prompt, you need to click 'Accept' to accept the file that you are receiving.

And the file will be saved on the warpinator directory


Note: /home/warpinator is the default location that warpinator uses to save all files that you receive. You can change this location in the Preferences window.

That's it! Now you can send files easily to any computer on the same network.


In this tutorial, you learned how to Install Warpinator on Debian 12, and also how to use it to send files to other computers on the same network.