How to Install Visual Studio Code on Linux Mint

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

Visual Studio Code is an open source code editor built by Microsoft and maintained by many contributors worldwide.  If you are looking for a code editor to use on Linux, you should give vscode a try.  

Before I started using vscode I was a fan of Atom, an open source code editor built by github. However, ever since Microsoft acquired Github they decided to not continue the development of Atom.

Step 1 - Download Visual Studio Code

Download Visual Studio Code Using GUI

To download Visual Studio Code, navigate to

Then choose which version you want to download, this depends on the Linux distro that you are using.

Download Visual Studio Code Using Terminal

Package that we need to install in this case is called code, run the command below to install Visual Studio Code's official package

sudo apt install code

In this tutorial we are using Linux Mint 21 so we downloaded the DEB version.

Step 2 - Install Visual Studio Code

How to Install Visual Studio Code using GUI

If you are not familiar with Terminal and commands you can install visual studio code without having to run any command, follow the steps below how to do this.

To install visual studio code, go to your downloads folder or where you downloaded code_1.76.2-1678817801_amd64.deb and simply run it by double clicking.

Next, click the install button, authenticate by entering your password and click OK. Then the installation will start.

How to Install Visual Studio Code using Terminal

Browse into the downloads folder by using the cd command

cd Downloads

For example, your terminal should look like this


Once you are on this folder, run the following command to install Visual Studio Code deb file

sudo dpkg -i code_1.76.2-1678817801_amd64.deb


sudo dpkg -i code_1.76.2-1678817801_amd64.deb
[sudo] password for owlhowto:          
Selecting previously unselected package code.
(Reading database ... 640781 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to unpack code_1.76.2-1678817801_amd64.deb ...
Unpacking code (1.76.2-1678817801) ...
Setting up code (1.76.2-1678817801) ...

The output above means the installation process has begun, just give it some time and visual studio code will be listed on mint menu under the Programming category


In this tutorial we explained step by step how to install Visual Studio Code in Linux mint 21 by using GUI and Terminal.