How to install Viber on Ubuntu 23.04

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

Viber was founded on 2010, and it started originally as a voice over IP app. However, nowadays It is one of the most popular chatting app that is used massively around the world.

Viber is a cross platform app, which means you can run it on any smartphone and Computer.

When it comes to Linux, Viber supports Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora. However, Viber also provides appimage of its app, which means you can run Viber on any Linux distro.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Viber by using GUI and by using Terminal on Ubuntu 23.04.

Install Viber with Terminal

To install Viber with terminal, first you must download the deb file. Viber ships appimage and deb file that you can install on any linux distro. However, since we are using Ubuntu 23.04, we are going to download .deb file and install it.

Downloading the deb file is quite simple, and it can be done by using wget.

So to download Viber binary file, run the command below


Next, you should see viber.deb downloaded on your system. You can use the ls command to verify that the viber.deb got downloaded.

Now you can proceed to install Viber.

You can use apt package manager to install the deb file that you downloaded above.

On your terminal, run the command below to do so

sudo apt install ./viber.deb

Once you run the apt install command, you will be asked to authenticate in order to install Viber. Type sudo password when asked, and then press enter.

Install Viber using GUI

If you are not a fan of entering commands in terminal, don't worry about it because terminal it's not the only way to install Viber on Ubuntu 23.04.

Installing Viber is also possible by using only GUI and not using the terminal at all.

To install Viber using GUI, is also very easy.

First, browse to Viber's Official website, and click the Download button to download Viber

Next, you need to right click over Viber.deb file that you downloaded, and choose "Open with Software Install"

You should see Viber software window as shown in the image below. Now simply click to "Install" button to install Viber

Once you click the "Install" button, you will be see the following prompt.

Simply type sudo password and click to the "Authenticate" button to proceed installing Viber

And now Viber should be installed on your system.

Launch Viber

You can launch Viber from the Activities overview. You can scroll through apps in the applications menu, and launch Viber.

If you have too many apps installed on your system, and you can't find Viber. Then you can also launch Viber by searching for "Viber" on the search box of Applications menu.

Uninstall Viber

There are two ways to uninstall Viber from your system. You can use terminal, or GUI. Below we'll cover both ways of how to do this.

To uninstall Viber with Terminal, run the command below

sudo apt purge viber

To uninstall Viber using GUI, simply double click over the Viber.deb file that you installed on your system, and it should take you to the Software window from where you can uninstall Viber.

Once you see the following window, click to the red button to remove Viber

You will see the following prompt, click to "Uninstall" to confirm

After confirmation, authenticate and press enter

And the uninstalling process will begin


In this tutorial, you learned how to install Viber on Ubuntu 23.04.