How to install Ubuntu 23.04 (Lunar Lobster)

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Ubuntu 23.04 on your machine.

The difference between desktop and server version of Ubuntu 23.04 ISO file is that, desktop version is suitable for using it on your computer, as it comes with a GUI desktop environment, while server doesn't.

The ISO version that we are going to install on this tutorial is the desktop version.  

Step 1 - Burn the ISO file

Before you start the installation of ubuntu 23.04, you need to download the iso file first and then burn the ISO file on the usb driver or an external hdd. We are going to use an usb flash drive for this tutorial, and also etcher to burn the ISO system.

Note: All the files on the device that you are going to burn the iso file into will be reformatted, so make sure to save your files before you burn the iso file on the device.

Step 2 - Boot into the ISO file

Once you burn the ISO file on to the device, unplug it and reboot your machine. Next, you need to go into the boot menu of your computer, by pressing the boot menu button (F9,F11,F10,ESC) these are most common buttons configured to enter boot menu.However, you can also try other function buttons if none of them works when computer startup screen shows up.

Step 3 - Install Ubuntu 23.04 Desktop

Now, we are going to install Ubuntu 23.04 Desktop version via a usb flash drive

Choose your favorite language and Click Next

Check "Install Ubuntu" and click Next

Next, Choose keyboard layout and click Next

On this step you need to choose which network type you want to use. If you are using cable go with cable and with wifi if you are using wifi.

Next, choose installation type.

Normal Installation - Select this option you want to install more than the browser, we went with Normal Installation

Minimal Installation - Select this option if you want only the basic install, if you go with this option then you will need to install other stuff manually after installation.

You can also check other options to install the proprietary drivers for graphic and wifi. Once you select the installation type then click Next

If you want to install Ubuntu on the whole hdd, then go with "Erase disk and Install Ubuntu".

If you want to use only one partition for the system and other partitions for other files then you will need to create partitions manually by selecting the "Manual partitioning" option.

Next, select the hdd device where you are going to install the os, and click the Install button

Now on this step you need to set the timezone, this is the timezone that your computer will use

Once you set the timezone, proceed to create your account. Fill out, your name, computer's name , username and password then click the Next button.

Select your favorite theme, and click Next.

And the installation should start, this process may take some time depending on the resources of your machine. Give it a little time to complete the installation

Once the installation has been completed, you can continue to test Ubuntu or reboot to use the new system you installed.

That's it!


In this tutorial, you learned how to install Ubuntu 23.04 ISO via a usb flash drive on your computer.