How to Install Skype on CentOS 8

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

Skype puts the world at your fingertips with an all-in-one communication platform that lets you safely stay in contact with friends, family, and even remote coworkers wherever they are located.

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Whatever your purpose for wanting to stay in touch, Skype offers an easy and convenient communication app for you that works with any Linux distro you are running.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install skype on CentOS 8.

When you install CentOS 8, skype is not included on the default repository by CentOS, so skype will not be installed by default. However, in this case, we'll be adding Skype's official repository from where we can download and install Skype on CentOS easily.

Step 1 - Add Skype repository

Open terminal and copy paste the following command below to terminal and then press enter, this command will add Skype's repository to your system

sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo

and the output should look like this

Step 2 - Install Skype

Once you've added Skype official repository into your system now you can install skype by typing this command

sudo dnf install skypeforlinux

The output should look like this, in this step now you need to confirm with Yes by typing Y and pressing enter then the installation will start

Next, the setup will ask you to whether import or not importing the GPG key, confirm with Y to import the GPG key, then the downloading will start

Now just give it some time for the download process to finish, this depends on your internet speed. However, the package it's not that big so you shouldn't have to wait long

You should see this output once the installation is done, this means the GPG key got imported and Skype got successfully installed on your system.

Step 3 - Run Skype

Now that Skype has been installed on your system there are two ways to launch the app

1) By Using the CentOS menu

Go to Activities >> Click to the search box and type Skype

2) Launch Skype directly from terminal

Simply open terminal and type "skypeforlinux" and press enter, this command will launch Skype app directly


Skype starting normally on CentOS 8

How to add Skype on the gnome menu

If you want to add Skype to gnome menu so you don't have to search it every time you want to open it, you can do so by right clicking over the Skype icon on this window and then simply click to "Add to favorites"

And you should see Skype icon on the menu bar

That's it! Now you can Launch Skype directly from the menu bar

Activities >> Skype


In this tutorial you learned how to install Skype via its official repository on CentOS 8. Also by now you should also know how to add the skype app icon on the gnome menu.

If you are facing any issue during the installation, don't hesitate to leave a comment below.