How to Install Rustdesk on Linux mint 21

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

Rustdesk is an open source remote desktop software, just like Teamviewer, that you can use to remote control your devices. Rustdesk supports the most popular Operating systems, which means you can easily remote control your computer from your phone.

In this tutorial you will learn how to install Rustdesk on Linux mint 21.

Step 1 - Download Rustdesk

Rustdesk can be downloaded in many different ways. However, we are going to download it via wget, which is the easiest and fastest way.


You can also download it manually from Rustdesk official website.

Step 2 - Install Rustdesk

Once you download rustdesk-1.1.9.deb file on your pc, run the following command to install it

sudo apt install ./rustdesk-1.1.9.deb

Note: Make sure you are on the right directory from where you ran the wget command to download rustdesk, and the installation should start.

On this step you don't have to confirm or do anything else so after this Rustdesk will appear on Mint Menu on your pc

Step 3 - Run Rustdesk

Now all you have to do is run Rustdesk. You can run rustdesk via Mint menu, or simply via terminal by running the command below


And Rustdesk GUI should appear

As shown on the image above, once you run rustdesk you are provided with an ID and password, these are the credentials that you need in order to connect to your devices.

Type in the ID of the device that you want to connect on the address box and click the Connect button


In this tutorial you learned how to install rustdesk on Linux mint 21.