How to install Rust on Debian 12

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

Rust is a programming language, that you can install on any machine. If you are working with Rust programming language, and developing rust projects, then to continue do so you will need to have Rust installed.

Rust is very popular programming language, and it is used by many companies worldwide such as Dropbox, Facebook, Cloudflare etc.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Rust on Debian 12.

Installing Rust on Debian 12, takes no more than 3 steps, follow our tutorial and install Rust on your machine with no hassle.

Install Rust on Debian 12

Step 1 - Update system

Update your debian 12 machine before installing rust. Updating your machine can be done by using GUI, or simply by using the terminal via the command below.

sudo apt update

If you are not very familiar with terminal, then you can update your Debian 12 machine by using GUI. Use whichever method you feel comfortable with.

Step 2 - Install Rust

To install Rust, you can install rustc package. rustc is available on Debian 12 repositories, so to install Rust run the command below

sudo apt install rustc

Alternatively, you can install Rust by using rustup. rustup is the installer that allows you to install Rust on your machine easily via one line command.

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

Step 3 - Verify Rust Installation

Now that Rust is installed on your Debian 12 machine, you can proceed to verify that the installation was done correctly.

To check if Rust is installed, you can run the command below

rustc --version

Uninstall Rust on Debian 12

To uninstall Rust and remove it completely from your Debian 12 machine, use the command below

sudo apt remove rustc --purge


In this tutorial, you learned how to install Rust programming language on your Debian 12 machine.