How to install PyCharm on Ubuntu

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install PyCharm community on Ubuntu.

PyCharm is a python IDE that you can use to code on Python on your Ubuntu system.

PyCharm offers multiple editions, but for this tutorial, we'll be installing PyCharm community edition, which is free and open source.

Even though PyCharm is a Python IDE, it also supports other programming languages, such as : Javascript, HTML, CSS, Angular, NodeJS and more, which means you should be able to code on other languages on it.

Install PyCharm on Ubuntu 22.04

Step 1 - Download PyCharm

PyCharm is shipped in a tarball file, that you can download and install on your Ubuntu system.

To download PyCharm you can use any tool you like, such as wget or curl. You can also use your browser to download PyCharm directly.

To download PyCharm by using wget, run the following.


Step 2 - Untar PyCharm

Next, proceed to untar the PyChar tarball file that you downloaded. To untar a file, you can use tar command.

To untar pycharm-community-2023.2.5.tar.gz simply run the command below.

tar -xvf pycharm-community-2023.2.5.tar.gz

Once you run the command above, PyCharm community files will be extracted into a new directory called pycharm-community-2023.2.5

Step 3 - Install PyCharm

Now you can install PyCharm on your Ubuntu machine. To install PyCharm you need to run the installer .

The installer is located in the bin directory of the extracted files.

1) First navigate to the bin directory.

cd pycharm-community-2023.2.5/bin

2) Next, proceed to install PyCharm Community. To do so, simply run the PyCharm installer.

4) Next you need to accept the license agreement in order to use Pycharm.

5) Choose whether you want to share your data or not.

6) PyCharm will start

7) Create the desktop entry for PyCharm so that you can launch PyCharm from the applications menu, without having to run the manually everytime you want to use PyCharm.

To create the desktop entry, first click to the Settings icon as shown in the screenshot below.

Next, click "Create Desktop Entry" to add PyCharm on the applications menu.

And PyCharm icon should appear on your apps. And you should be able to launch PyCharm now.

Uninstall PyCharm on Ubuntu 22.04

In this tutorial, we installed PyCharm by using the official installer, so to uninstall PyCharm you simply need to remove the directory that was created when you extracted the tarball file.

sudo rm -rf pycharm-community-2023.2.5


In this tutorial, you learned how to install PyCharm community on Ubuntu 22.04, by using the official installer of PyCharm that is included in the tarball file that PyCharm is shipped with for Linux users.