How to install Postman CLI on Ubuntu 22.04

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

Postman is an API platform that you can use to build and test your API easily via the web, or from your terminal when using the Postman CLI.

Postman CLI is a command line app that allows you to make API calls.

The difference between Postman CLI and Postman, is that Postman CLI is the command line version of Postman, while Postman is the web version.

Both versions are very useful, and you can do pretty much the same thing on command line app and web.

Postman CLI on Ubuntu can be installed via the official installation script that Postman provides.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Postman CLI on Ubuntu 22.04.

Install Postman CLI on Ubuntu

Step 1 - Download Postman

First, download the script that will install Postman on your machine. This script by default is called However, we are recalling this file to give it a better descriptive name so you understand what this file does.

curl -o

Step 2 - Make executable

Once you have downloaded file, in order to run this file, you need to make it executable.

To make executable, you can use chmod command. To do this, simply run the following

chmod +x

Step 3 - Install Postman

After making executable, proceed to run this file so that you can install Postman on your machine.

To execute run the following command below

sudo ./

Uninstall Postman CLI on Ubuntu

In this tutorial, we installed Postman CLI via the official script. To uninstall postman, you need to delete postman binary file.

Postman binary is located at /usr/bin/local/postman, so to uninstall Postman simply run the command below

sudo rm -rf /usr/bin/local/postman


In this tutorial, you learned how to install Postman CLI, the command line app version of Postman on Ubuntu 22.04.

Even though there are many API platforms available that you can use when it comes to building APIs, Postman is an easy Platform and it's one of the most popular API platforms.