How to Install and Set Up Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

Pop!_OS is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. If you are looking for an easy and stable linux distribution to use it daily then pop!_os it's a great choice.

In this tutorial you will learn how to install Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS on your computer.


16 GB storage

64-bit processor

Step 1 - Download Pop!_OS

Navigate to and click the download button

next click the version you want to download and that's it.

Step 2 - Burn ISO to USB/DVD

Once you have downloaded Pop!_OS ISO version you need to burn the ISO file to an usb device or external hdd or even a DVD, the method you choose to burn the iso file it's up to you as all 3 methods will work fine.

For example you can use Ventoy -

Step 3 - Install Pop!_OS

Once booting into pop!_os you will see the setup screen, you can choose to start installing pop!_os right away or use the system in live mode to test it before installing it.

To proceed with the installation, follow the steps below

1) Select Language and click the Select button

2) You need to select the preferred region for the language you chose on step 1 , next click the "Select" button again

3) Choose Keyboard layout

To make sure that all keys will work and to prevent any issues make sure you select the right keyboard layout.

If you are unsure which keyboard layout to select, click the keyboard icon as shown on the image below, that button will open a virtual keyboard and you can start testing your keys and see what keys work and what not, this helps you to select  the right keyboard layout.

4) On this step you need to choose which installation method you want to go with

Clean Install - This option will erase everything on the drive where you are installing the system

Custom (Advanced) - Allows you to setup and create partitions manually, use this option only if you know what you are doing.

On this tutorial I went with "Clean Install" option , so simply select the "Clean Install" option and proceed by clicking the "Clean Install" button

Next, select the drive where you want to install pop!_os, you will see a similar screen, select the drive that appears on this window and then click "Erase and Install" button

5) Set your name and Username and click "Next"

Name - You can put your name or whatever you like

Username - Is the username that will be used to login and manage your system, so I sugges you put something that you will remember

6) Once you set username and name, now you need to set the password, once you do click Next to continue with the installation

7) Drive Encryption

On this step you need to select whether you want to encrypt your drive or not, I recommend encrypting your drive and setting a different password from the password you chose to use for loggin in.

First you need to uncheck the ticked box "Encryption password is the same as user account password"

Next click to "Set password" button to set the encryption password

Now simply enter the encryption password and click the "Encrypt" button

Then you will see this window, which means the system is being installed and drive is being encrypted

Depending on your computer specs this setup might take awhile, so just give it some time to complete and make sure your computer is plugged in during the installation.

Once the installation has been completed, you will see this screen, click the "Restart Device" button to continue setting up your system.

Step 4 - Set up Pop!_OS

1) Unlock Disk

Once you reboot the system, you'll be prompted to enter the drive encryption password, enter your password and press enter

2) Next click to the username, and enter your password to login to your system.

Note: this is the password you chose on user creation step not the drive encryption password

3) Choose your preferred desktop layout and click "Next"

For example I chose "Dock doesn't extend to edges"

4) Configure the Top Bar

Show workspace button - Allows you to create more than workspace

Show application Buttons - It shows the application button on the top bar

Date & Time - Set date and time position, center is selected as default position

5) Proceed by clicking Next on "Applications & Launcher "

and "Gesture" window

6) Choose white or dark mode on "Appearance" window and click next

Personally I love dark mode, so I went with dark mode on this tutorial

7) Privacy

Leave this option off, unless you want your location to be accessed by applications, and click next again

8) Select your timezone

Set your own country's timezone and click Next

9) Set up Online Accounts

On this window you can link your Google , Nextcloud , Microsoft etc accounts to your system, you can also click "Skip" if you don't want to link any account.

10) Now all you have to do is click the "Start Using Pop!_OS" button and that's it!



By now you should know how to Install and Set up Pop!_OS on your computer.