How to install pip3 on Debian 11

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install pip3 on Debian 11. Pip3 is a package manager that allows you to install and uninstall python packages. Installing pip3 on Debian 11,  is as simple as installing any other software on Linux.

Step 1 - Update

Before installing pip3, update your system to make sure you don't have outdated packages and to avoid any conflicting possibilities in the future.

sudo apt update

Step 2 - Install python3-pip

You don't have to install python3 on debian 11 since it is already installed by default, so to install pip3 simply run the command below

sudo apt install python3-pip -y

And you should see a similar output, this means the pip3 package got installed on your system

Step 3 - Verify pip3 installation

The output above shows that pip3 installation was completed correctly. However, to verify that pip3 was installed and runs without any issue, let's try pip3 and try some useful commands that you can use to manage python packages.

Install a pip3 package

To install a python package using pip3 is easy, all you need to have is the correct name of the package that you want to install.

Replace packagename with the package name that you are looking to install and press enter

pip3 install packagename

Update a package already installed on your system

If you have installed a package using pip3 and want to update that package, run

pip3 install --upgrade packagename

Uninstall pip3 package

To uninstall pip3 python package use the uninstall command

pip3 uninstall packagename

You will get a prompt as shown in the example below, proceed to uninstall the package by pressing Y

And the package will get uninstalled

Get details about a package

If you want to get details about a package before installing it on your computer, run

pip3 show packagename

Example, to get more details about ufw(Uncomplicated Firewall) replace the package name with ufw . And you should get all the details as shown in the image below

pip3 show ufw

How to find pip3 packages?

On python 2 there was a feature on pip that would allow you to search pypi packages directly from the terminal, but this feature has been deprecated on python 3 and you need to use website instead. For example if you run the search command pip3 search you get

ERROR: XMLRPC request failed [code: -32500]
RuntimeError: PyPI no longer supports 'pip search' (or XML-RPC search). Please use (via a browser) instead. See for more information. Package Index) is the repository website that you can use to browse python packages that you can install using pip3.


In this tutorial, you learned how to install and manage python packages from using the pip3