How to install Opera browser on Arch Linux

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

Opera is a free web browser based on Chromium. Opera browser comes with a lot of useful features that can make your browsing experience better.

Here's some of Opera Browser features:

Free VPN

Opera has an integrated VPN on it, so you can easily hide your IP address and protect your privacy when browsing on the internet.

Video Pop-out

The video pop-out feature, allows you to watch videos from any site in pop up mode. You can move the video player anywhere on your desktop and browse at the same time.

Browser AI

Opera Browser comes with an Integrated AI on its browser. To use Aria, Opera's AI you need to have an opera account.

Snapshot tool

Snapshot tool allows you to take screenshots as you browse. It also allows you to save the page that you are browsing as PDF file.

Installing Opera on Arch Linux, is pretty easy as Opera can be downloaded from the main repository of Arch Linux.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Opera browser on Arch Linux.

Step 1 - Update Arch Linux

If the package database it's not updated on your system, then you won't be able to install Opera or any other software. This happens because when package database it's not up to date, the system doesn't know which version of opera is the latest one and it might try to download an outdated version.

So, before installing Opera, you need to update your system, by running the command below

sudo pacman -Syu

Step 2 - Install Opera

To install Opera on Arch Linux, you can use the default package manager pacman.

sudo pacman -S opera

Next, you need to confirm the installation of Opera. To do this, simply press Y on the prompt as shown below, and press enter to install Opera.

Step 3 - Launch Opera

Opera browser is now installed in your system, and you should be able to launch it.

Run the command below, to launch Opera using terminal.


To launch Opera without using terminal, you can do so by launching it from the Applications Menu. You can easily find Opera on the Applications menu under the Internet category.

Uninstall Opera on Arch Linux

Since we installed Opera using the default package manager on Arch Linux, then we can use it also to remove it from the system.

To uninstall Opera using pacman, you need to use the -R argument

sudo pacman -R opera

Once you run the command above, you will be asked to confirm removing Opera, type Y and press enter

And Opera should be now removed from your system


In this tutorial, you learned how to install Opera Browser on Arch Linux.