How to Install Nobara Linux 38

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

Nobara is a new Linux distro.

The reason why Nobara looks like Fedora, is that Nobara is actually a customized version of Fedora. If you've ever used Fedora, then you may also like Nobara.

The difference between Fedora and Nobara is that Nobara seem to have been created to help users have a gaming Linux distro out of the box. Packages and apps that you would usually install on a fresh install of Fedora, on Nobara they are included by default.

Nobara also claims that it want basic users to be able to do stuff without using the terminal.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Nobara Linux 38

Boot Into Nobara Linux 38

Enter to boot menu of Nobara, and choose " Start Nobara 38". This option will start Nobara 38 in live mode.

Launch Nobara Installer, and click "Next"

Set a region and zone, then click "Next"

Once you set the location, select the layout of your keyboard, click "Next" when done.

Now, you need to setup partitions. You need to choose if you want to install Nobara on one partition, which will be used for files and the system, or create partitions manually, which allows you to install OS on a separated partition from other files.

You can also enable encryption, to do this, simply check the encryption option "Encrypt system", and provide a password after

Next, you need to create a user account. Click "Next" when done

Next, it will take you to the summary window, as shown in the image below. This window only shows you the current configuration you set during installation setup.

Now you should be good to go, and start the installation process. To do this, simply click the "Install" button

And you should the following window, this means Nobara Linux 38 is being installed on your computer.

After Nobara Linux 38 has been successfully installed, you can reboot and enjoy the new system.

Check "Restart now" option, and click to "Done" button to restart.

Once Nobara boots up after installing it, you will get the following prompt "We've detected this is a new Nobara installation. Before moving on it is required that you perform a system update.Would you like to do this now?"

Choose 'Yes' to update Nobara

A terminal showing the update progress will pop up on your screen, don't close this terminal window while Nobara is being updated


In this tutorial, you learned how to install Nobara Linux 38 on your machine.

If you are a gamer, looking for a Linux distro that is mainly created for gamers, then you should give Nobara a try.

To learn more about Nobara, you can check their official website,