How to install Nitrux Linux Distro

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

Nitrux is a new Linux distro that is based on Debian, and it uses KDE Plasma as desktop environment. Nitrux also comes with a new Desktop called NX Desktop, which is a customized desktop based on Plasma.

One downside on Nitrux is that it doesn't support APT, so if you are going to install a software on Nitrux you can't do it by using the apt package manager. You need to use flatpaks, appimages or distrobox which is a tool that allows you to create containers inside your Linux distro, and then install the software you want into this container. For example, you can create a container of Ubuntu on Nitrux, and then install a package from Ubuntu repositories on Nitrux.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Nitrux Linux Operating System.

Boot into Nitrux ISO

On the boot menu of Nitrux, choose " Boot Nitrux (Live)" to boot Nitrux in live mode.

If this is your first time installing Nitrux on your machine, the live option also allows you to test the distro before installing it. So, choose the first option as shown in the image below, and press enter.

Next, you will see the login screen. The default username and password for Nitrux is : Username : nitrux | Password: nitrux , enter these credentials and press enter to continue booting Nitrux

Once Nitrux is booted, you can now begin the installation by starting the installer that is located on your desktop. Double click on " Install Nitrux" to start installing it

Once you run the installer, this is the first screen that you will see. In this step you need to set the language that you will be using, to do this, simply click on the Language button

Now, choose the language from the list, and click Continue.

After setting language, you will prompted to choose your Region. Select your region, and proceed by clicking the Next button

Now, you need to set the timezone. Choose a timezone from the timezone list, and click Next again

On this step, you need to to select the layout of your keyboard. Select the layout of your keyboard by choosing one of the Keyboard layouts, if your keyboard layout it's not appearing on the list, click to the "Layout" button and choose the language of your keyboard.

Now, you need to create a user account for your system, once you fill out all boxes, click to the Next button to continue installing Nitrux

Once you create the user account, you will be prompted to choose which installation type you want to go with. There are two options available, Erase Disk and Manual partitioning.

Erase disk - Will erase/format the whole hdd where you are going to install Nitrux

Manual partitioning - Allows you to create partitions on your system manually

Next, you will see the summary screen. On this screen you can see the config that you set during the setup.

Check all configs to make sure that you did not forget something, as once you click the Install now button, you won't be able to make any changes.

And the installation should begin

The installation took about 30 minutes in my case. Once installation finishes, you will see the following screen, all you have to do now is click the "Done" button to restart and use Nitrux.

You can download Nitrux ISO file by clicking download button below.


In this tutorial, you learned how to install Nitrux OS on your machine, step by step.