How to Install Linux Lite 6.6

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

Linux Lite is a Linux distro based on Ubuntu.

Created on 2012 by Jerry Bezencon, Linux Lite comes with XFCE desktop environment as default Desktop environment, and kernel 5.15.0.

To run Linux Lite, you need 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of space on your HDD, which makes it a perfect OS to use on an old computer, or on a low end computer.

If you are new to Linux, and you are looking for an easy to use distro and easy to install, then you should give Linux Lite a try.

Boot into Linux Lite

First you need to enter in the boot menu of your computer, to do this you need to press the boot button, in most cases this button is F11, once you are in the boot menu, choose the USB or the device that you have Linux Lite on, once you do this, you should see Linux Lite boot menu.

Install Linux Lite

Installing Linux Lite is very easy, to start the installation process, select "Direct Install Linux Lite 6.6" option. Linux lite also offers a live system mode, that allows you to test Linux lite before you install it on your computer.

On the welcome screen, you can choose the language for the setup, select one language from the, then click continue

Set your keyboard's layout, if you are unsure which layout to choose, click on "Detect Keyboard Layout"

On this step, you can choose if you want to install third party software for graphics and wifi, this is not mandatory because you can install them after installing Linux Lite, so you can leave this option unchecked, click Continue to proceed to the next step

If this is your first time installing Linux Lite, then I recommend you choose the first option "Erase disk and Install Linux", but beware that everything you have on the hdd will get deleted, so make sure you copy your files to another location before proceeding with the installation.

Click to "Install Now" button to install Linux Lite

Confirm changes you made by clicking the "Continue" button as shown in the image below

Now you need to select the timezone, click on the map to choose a location then click the "Continue" button

Next, you need to create the user account for Linux Lite. Make sure to remember username and password that you created on this step, because you will need them in order to login and use Linux Lite.

Once the user account has been created, the installation process will begin. It's time to take a cup of coffee while waiting :)

Now that Installation has been completed, you need to click to "Restart now" button, to reboot and start using Linux Lite.

And, Linux Lite will boot up. Login with the username and password that you created earlier

And you can use Linux Lite now. The welcome window will pop up once Linux Lite boots up, to disable this pop up from showing every time after booting up, simply uncheck the box that says "Show this dialog on startup".

That's it!


By now you should have a fully working installation of Linux Lite on your computer. I hope this tutorial was easy to follow, and helped you to install Linux Lite. If you are having issues, or have questions related to this tutorial, please leave a comment below.