How to install Kasm Workspace on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Kasm Workspace on Ubuntu 22.04.

Kasm Workspace is a platform that allows you to run containerized Desktop apps on your browser.

You basically install Kasm Workspace on your server, and then you can use that server to install containerized apps, and launch your apps directly from your browser.

Kasm Workspace, can be installed on Ubuntu 22.04, easily by using the official installer that Kasm Workspace provides.

Install Kasm Workspace on Ubuntu 22.04

Step 1 - Update your server

Before installing Kasm Workspace, you need to update your server, to make sure that you can install Kasm Workspace without facing issues during the installation process.

To update your server, you can do so by running the command below.

sudo apt update && apt upgrade -y

Step 2 - Download Kasm Workspace

Once you have updated your Ubuntu 22.04 server, you can now proceed to download Kasm Workspace.

We'll be using curl to download Kasm Workspace, so make sure you have curl installed on your server.

If you don't have curl installed, then install it by running the command below.

sudo apt install curl

Once you install curl, proceed to download Kasm Workspace. To do so, simply run the commands below one by one.

cd /tmp
curl -O

Step 3 - Install Kasm Workspace

Now that Kasm Workspace is downloaded on your server, you can proceed to install it.

Installing Kasm Workspace is quite simple.

First you need to extract the content of the tarball file that you downloaded.

To do so, simply run the command below.

tar -xf kasm_release_1.14.0.3a7abb.tar.gz

Once extracted, proceed to install Kasm Workspace.

The installer script is located in the tarball file that we extracted, so to install Kasm Workspace, simply execute the command below.

sudo bash kasm_release/

The installation process of Kasm Workspace, will start once you execute the installer script.

Next, you will need to accept Kasm Workspace EULA in order to use Kasm Workspace.

Press Y to confirm, and proceed installing Kasm Workspace.

Next, you will be asked to create a swap partition. The swap partition is useful as it can make your Kasm Workspace server run smoothly.

To create a swap partition, simply press Y then enter.

Next, you need to choose swap partition size. We went with 8GB swap partition size as we have 4GB of RAM on the server.

Enter your choice, and press enter.

All you have to do now is wait for the Kasm Workspace installer to finish.

Step 4 - Login to Kasm Workspace

Once Kasm Workspace is installed, you will see the credentials of your Kasm Workspace on the terminal. These are the credentials that you will need in order to manage your Kasm Workspace server.

To login to your Kasm Workspace server, simply navigate to your server's IP.

Note: Kasm Workspace runs on port 443, so make sure you are using the right port when trying to login to your Kasm workspace server.


And login with the credentials you got on your terminal.

Admin Login
username - admin@kasm.local
password - <yourpassword>

User Login 
username - user@kasm.local
password - <yourpassword>

The login credentials for admin and user are different, so if you want to login as admin on your Kasm Workspace, make sure to use the admin credentials.

If you want to login as a simple user, then simply use user credentials.

Step 6 - Create workspaces

There are two ways to create a workspace on Kasm Workspace, you can create a workspace via Registry section, where you can simply choose the app that you want to run, and install it.

You can also create a workspace manually, via the manual method. To do so, simply follow the steps below.

Create a workspace via one click

1) Click "Workspaces".

2) Choose "Add from Registry".

3) Select the app that you want to install.

4) Install the app

Simply click over the app that you want to install, and click the "Install" button.

Once the installation process starts, give it some time to complete.

Once the workspace is created, it will appear under "Installed Workspaces" section.

Create a workspace manually

1) Click "Workspaces"

2) Next, choose "Workspaces"

3) Click "Add Workspace" button

4) Enter Workspace details

4.1 - Choose Workspace Type

Workspace type allows you to choose what type of workspace you want to create on your server. In this example, we are creating a simple app that we can launch on the browser. So you need to choose "Container" on the workspace type.

4.2 - Select Registry Entry

In the Registry Entry, you need to select the app that you want to run in the container. We are creating a simple workspace that will run firefox.

4.3 - Deploy Container

Now simply click to "Save" button to proceed deploying the Workspace.

Step 7 - Run Workspace

Now that workspace is created, you should be able to use it on your browser. To do so, first you need to login on your Kasm Workspace as a user.

Once logged in, you will see the workspaces that you installed.

To launch it, select the Workspace that you want to run, and then simply choose where you want the Workspace to run, in the current tab or a new tab.

And firefox workspace will start.


In this tutorial, you learned how to install Kasm Workspace on Ubuntu 22.04, and how to create a workspace via one click, and manually.