How to Install Elementary OS

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install ElementaryOS. ElementaryOS is a linux distro based on Ubuntu LTS.

Even though it is based on Ubuntu, its look is completely different, this is because Ubuntu uses gnome as desktop environment, while ElementaryOS uses pantheon as the main desktop environment.  

If you are looking for an easy to use and beautiful looking linux distro, give ElementaryOS a try.

Boot into ElementaryOS

Plug in the usb flash drive or the external hdd with ElementaryOS on it, and follow the steps below to start the installation of ElementaryOS. Comparing to the other linux distros, with elementary you won't need to choose an option in the boot menu, as it will automatically boot you, once you choose the device in the boot menu of your computer.

Install ElementaryOS

When you boot ElementaryOS, this is the first window that you will see. On this step you need to choose the language that your system will be using. Choose language, and click the "Select" button

Next, you need to select keyboard layout, choose a language from the list as shown in the image below, and click Select once you'e chosen it.

After setting the language, and the keyboard layout.

You need to choose the type of the installation, whether you want to erase the whole hard disk or create partitions manually. If this is your first time installing ElementaryOS, then I'd recommend you to go with "Erase disk and install" since you won't need to setup partitions manually.

Otherwise go with Custom Install option, which lets you create partitions manually, this is useful because if your system crashes and if there's no way to recover it, then you won't lose your files if you reinstall the system on the partition that you used only for the system.

On this window you can also choose "Try Demo Mode" if you want to test ElementaryOS before installing it on your computer.

Next, you need to select the hard disk where you want to install ElementaryOS, once selected, proceed to install ElementaryOS by clicking the "Erase and install" button

On this step you can enable encryption, click "Choose password" to set the encryption password

Next, type your password and click "Set Encryption Password"  to encrypt your hard drive

After setting the encryption password, the installation will begin. As with any operating system, the installation process may take some time. However, the process shouldn't take longer than 1 hour, if your installation seem to be taking too much time, you may need to restart it if there's no progress done.

Once ElementaryOS has been successfully installed on your hard drive,  you need to unplug the device that you used to install ElementaryOS and press enter.

This message will appear on your screen when the installation has been completed.

Next, you need to create the account. Fill out details, and click "Finish Setup" once done

After creating the account, you will see the login window. Login using the account that you created earlier, and start using ElementaryOS


In this tutorial, you learned how to install ElementaryOS on your computer.