How to install Discord on Debian 12

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

Discord is one of the most popular chatting software that gamers use. Even though Discord was created mainly for gamers, nowadays many companies use Discord for different purposes.

There are several different methods to install Discord on Debian 12.

In the first method, We can install discord by downloading its deb file from Discord's official website and install it on our system.

Second method of installing Discord on Debian 12, is by using Gnome Software, where can install it directly without having to download the deb file manually, or run any command on the terminal.

The third way of installing Discord, is by installing flatpak version. Flatpak needs to be installed on your system first.

In this tutorial, we will go through each method and teach you how to install Discord on Debian 12.

Install Discord on Debian 12 via Deb

The easiest way to install Discord on Debian 12, is by downloading its deb file and installing it on your computer.

Discord supports Ubuntu based linux distros, which means you can download the deb file directly from the Discord's official website.

So, to install Discord via the official deb file, first you need to download it. To do this, go to Discord's official website, click to 'Download' button and choose 'Deb'

Next, once discord deb file is downloaded, go to Downloads folder. And you should see a deb file called discord-0.0.28.deb

Now, you need to right click over discord-0.0.28.deb, and choose 'Open with Gdebi package installer'

You will see the following window, click to the 'Install' button to install Discord

Once you click the install button on Gdebi prompt, you need to Authenticate in order to install Discord. Enter sudo password, when prompted and click to the 'Authenticate' to proceed installing Discord.

As you can see on the Gdebi window, discord requires seven dependencies in order to work. So when you authenticate, gdebi will begin downloading these dependencies first, and then install Discord.

The following window means Discord was installed successfully.

You can close gdebi window, and use Discord. You can find discord on the applications menu.

Discord running

Install Discord via Gnome Software

Launch Gnome Software on your computer, and click to the 'Search' button.

Type 'Discord' on the search box and press enter. Next, click to 'Discord' as shown in the image below

You will be taken to Discord page, now you can install Discord by clicking to 'Install' button

And the installation process will begin. All you have to do now is wait for the process to complete.

The button state will change from 'Installing' to 'Open' once the installation process is completed.

Clicking to 'Open' button will launch Discord

Install Discord via Flatpak

To install Discord via flatpak, you must have flatpak installed on your system. To install discord launch your terminal, and run the command below

The command below will download Discord from flathub repository using flatpak

flatpak install flathub com.discordapp.Discord

Once installed, you can launch discord with


In this tutorial, we explained three different methods of how to install Discord on Debian 12.