How to install Cloudron on Ubuntu 22.04

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

In this tutorial you will learn how to Install Cloudron on Ubuntu 22.04

Cloudron is a self-hosting solution that allows you to host apps on your server. Cloudron comes handy when you need to host more than one app on your server, for example: hosting a blog content management system such as wordpress and an email client.


Ubuntu 22.04

At least 1GB RAM


Step 1 - Update your System

Log into your server and update your system by using the command below

sudo apt-get update

Step 2 - Get Cloudron

To download Cloudron you can use the wget package, simply run the command below


Next, you need to make the cloudron-setup file executable in order to be able to install Cloudron on your server, you can do so by running the following command

chmod +x ./cloudron-setup

Step 3 - Install Cloudron

Once you make cloudron-setup file executable, you are good to go and run the installation command


Once cloudron has been installed, visit your server's IP and finish the setup.


Hopefully by now you know how to install Cloudron on Ubuntu 22.04.