How to install Cloudpanel on Ubuntu 22.04

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Cloudpanel on Ubuntu 22.04.

Cloudpanel is a free server control panel that allows you to build and manage multiple sites such as : Wordpress sites, PHP sites, NodeJS sites, Python applications and Static sites.

For example, you can create a Wordpress site in one click, all you have to do is add your domain on your Cloudpanel server, and wordpress will be automatically installed on your domain.

Step 1 - Update your server

Before installing Cloudpanel on your Ubuntu 22.04 server, update your server and make sure that all packages are up to date.

To update your Ubuntu server, you can use apt package manager.

To do so, run the commands below.

sudo apt update && apt upgrade -y 

Step 2 - Install required packages

Next, proceed to install the required packages that Cloudpanel will be using in order to download and install Cloudpanel on your server.

There are three packages that you need to install on this step, and you can install them via the command below.

sudo apt install curl wget sudo -y

Step 3 - Choose Database and Install Cloudpanel

In this tutorial, we'll be installing Cloudpanel manually on our VULTR VPS. However, you can also install Cloudpanel with one click on VULTR, by selecting Cloudpanel as app before deploying a server.

Cloudpanel supports MySQL 8.0, MariaDB 10.6 and MariaDB 10.11, which means you can use any of the supported database as the database for Cloudpanel on your server.

You can choose any Database engine you want, all you have to do is run the command below for the database that you chose, and Cloudpanel's installation process will begin.

To use Install Cloudpanel using MySQL 8.0, run the following.

curl -sS -o; \
echo "85762db0edc00ce19a2cd5496d1627903e6198ad850bbbdefb2ceaa46bd20cbd" | \
sha256sum -c && sudo bash

To use MariaDB 10.11 as your database for your Cloudpanel server, run the command below.

curl -sS -o; \
echo "85762db0edc00ce19a2cd5496d1627903e6198ad850bbbdefb2ceaa46bd20cbd" | \
sha256sum -c && sudo DB_ENGINE=MARIADB_10.11 bash

If you want to use MariaDB 10.6, then simply run the following.

curl -sS -o; \
echo "85762db0edc00ce19a2cd5496d1627903e6198ad850bbbdefb2ceaa46bd20cbd" | \
sha256sum -c && sudo DB_ENGINE=MARIADB_10.6 bash

Step 4 - Setup Cloudpanel

Once Cloudpanel has been installed on your server, you will see the following on your terminal.

Next, proceed to create the admin user for your Cloudpanel server. This is the admin user that you will be using to manage your Cloudpanel server, so make sure you remember password that you are setting up.

To do so, first you need to navigate to your server's IP address where Cloudpanel was installed. The ip should look like this


Next, you will see the warning "Your connection is not private". Now you need to click to "Advanced"

Next click to "Proceed to server-ip:8443"

You will be taken to the admin user creation window. Now you can proceed to create the admin user for your server.

To do so, fill out all boxes and then click to "Create User" button.

Next, you can login to your Cloudpanel server, using username and password that you created.

How to create a wordpress site with Cloudpanel

Creating a wordpress site on Cloudpanel is quite simple, and it can be created in a few steps.

1) Click to "ADD SITE"

ADD SITE button is located in the homepage of your Cloudpanel server.

2) Next, you need to choose what type of site you want to create. Since we are going to create a wordpress site, then we need to choose "Create a Wordpress site" on this step

3) Next, proceed to enter the required information such as : domain name, site title, site user, site password, admin username, admin password and admin email.

Once you are done, click to "Create".

4) The wordpress site should be created and running. And you should be able to login to your new wordpress site by using admin username and admin password that you created on the step above.

To manage your new site, you can do so by clicking the "Manage" button.


In this tutorial, you learned how to install Cloudpanel on Ubuntu 22.04, how to configure it, and also how to create a wordpress site on it.