How to install clonezilla on Ubuntu

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install clonezilla on Ubuntu.

If you've never heard about clonezilla, clonezilla is a disk cloning app, which allows you to copy your hard disk to another one with no hassle.

Let's say you have two computers, one is running Ubuntu and the other doesn't have an OS on it, and you want to have the same data and OS on the other computer too, to do this, you can use clonezilla, as it allows you to clone your hard disk easily, and then you'd have two computers running with the same data and OS.

Install clonezilla on Ubuntu 22.04

Step 1 - Update your system

Clonezilla is available in the Universe repository of Ubuntu 22.04.

Universe repository is enabled by default, so you don't need to enable it manually in order to download clonezilla. However, before downloading clonezilla, you must update your machine to make sure that you can use the Universe repository.

To proceed with updating, run the following.

sudo apt update

Step 2 - Install clonezilla

clonezilla package is easily installed on any linux distribution. In Ubuntu 22.04, clonezilla is available on the Universe repository and you can install it via apt.

To install clonezilla, simply run the command below.

sudo apt install clonezilla

Step 3 - Launch clonezilla

Clonezilla should be now installed on your system, so you can proceed to launch it.

To launch clonezilla, you can do so by running the command below on your terminal.

sudo clonezilla

If you get the error "clonezilla: command not found" when trying to launch clonezilla, you may be trying to run clonezilla without sudo permission, in order to fix this error, and to launch clonezilla with the right permissions make sure to use sudo when launching it, and clonezilla should run.

Uninstall clonezilla on Ubuntu 22.04

In this tutorial, we used apt package manager to install clonezilla, so to uninstall clonezilla you can also use apt.

To uninstall clonezilla, simply issue the following.

sudo apt remove clonezilla


In this tutorial, you learned how to install clonezilla on Ubuntu. This tutorial applies to all debian based distros, where clonezilla package is available to be downloaded from the official repositories.