How to install chromium on OpenSUSE

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

Chromium is an open source web browser, that you can use on OpenSUSE.

Chromium is available on the OpenSUSE's repository, and therefore we can install it on OpenSUSE directly from the terminal, or by using YaST software, which is the default package manager on OpenSUSE.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Chromium on OpenSUSE by using the terminal, and by using the package manager YaST software.

Install Chromium with Terminal on OpenSUSE

To install chromium with terminal on OpenSUSE, launch your terminal first, and then run the following command below

sudo zypper install chromium

Next, you need to press the Y key in order to proceed installing Chromium, and you should see the following output on your terminal, this means chromium is being installed on your system.

Install Chromium with YaST software management on OpenSUSE

YaST software management is the main package manager on OpenSUSE, which you can use to manage packages on your system.

YaST software management has a simple GUI, and it is very easy to use. With YaST software management tool you can update, install and uninstall packages with no hassle on OpenSUSE.

Now to install chromium with YaST software management, first you need to launch YaST. YaST can be found on the Gnome menu, by searching for 'YaST software management'

YaST software management needs sudo permission, so you need to authenticate when prompted.

Next, search for 'chromium' on the search box of YaST software management and click the 'Search' button

You should see all the packages that contains the keyword that you searched. The package that we need is called 'chromium', so to get this package, we need to check the box of 'chromium'

Now to install Chromium, simply click to 'Accept'

And the downloading process of chromium will begin

Next, you will see the following window, once chromium has been installed on your system.

Use Chromium

chromium should be now installed on your system. You can launch it from the Gnome Menu just like other apps.


In this tutorial, you learned how to install Chromium on OpenSUSE.