How to Install Chrome on Arch Linux

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browser nowadays, it supports Windows and Linux OSes such as : Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and Opensuse.

However, when it comes to Arch Linux, chrome it's not officially supported so you can't just download and run it like you do on other linux distros. However, Google chrome can be installed on Arch Linux also by using the AUR repository.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Google Chrome browser on Arch Linux.

Install Chrome with Yay

Google chrome is available on the AUR repository. To download Google chrome from the AUR, you can use Yay. Yay is an AUR helper that you can use to download any package from the AUR repository, including Google Chrome.

To install Google chrome with Yay, run the command below

yay -S google-chrome


Note: If you got the error "yay command not found" when trying to execute the command above, it means that yay it's not installed on your system.

Once you run the command above, you will see the following prompts on your terminal, proceed by pressing I on each prompt as shown in the image below.

Next, you need to authenticate, enter your sudo password and press enter to continue installing Google Chrome

Finally, press the Y key to confirm Google Chrome installation

And Google Chrome should be installed on your system. You can find chrome under Internet category on the applications menu

Build Chrome AUR package Manually

Another way of installing Google Chrome on Arch Linux, is by downloading Google chrome package from the AUR repository and manually building it.

1) First you need to download Google Chrome package

git clone

2) Change directory to google-chrome

cd google-chrome

3) Build google-chrome package

makepkg -si

You will need to authenticate when building chrome package, enter sudo password when asked, then continue by pressing Y so that Google chrome gets installed on your system.

And google chrome icon should appear on the applications menu. Or you could simply launch it by running the command



In this tutorial, you learned how to install Google Chrome web browser on Arch Linux, using two different methods, by using Yay AUR helper and also by building the package manually. It's worth mentioning that this tutorial's steps, should also work on all Arch-based linux distros, so if you are using let's say Manjaro, then you can install google chrome by following the steps on this tutorial.