How to install CentOS Web Panel on CentOS 8

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install CentOS web panel on CentOS 8.

CentOS web panel is a powerful panel that you can use to manage your Servers.

Installing CentOS web panel is easy, and it can be done by using the official installer provided by CentOS Web Panel.

In this tutorial, we'll be installing CentOS web panel on CentOS 8, via the official installer.

Install CentOS Web Panel on CentOS 8

System requirements

  • 1GB RAM min(4GB RAM Recommended)
  • Fresh Installation of CentOS 8 64bit

Step 1 - Install Epel release and wget

In order to be able to install wget, first you must install the epel repository on your system.

To do so, simply run the commands below one by one.

To install epel release, run the following.

yum install

To install wget, you can use dnf package manager.

dnf install wget -y

Step 2 - Update your server

Before proceeding to install CentOS web panel, you need to update your server.

To update your CentOS server, you can use yum package manager.

Simply run the command below to do so.

sudo yum update -y

Step 3 - Set a Hostname

In order to be able to install CentOS web panel on your server, you must a create a hostname.

This hostname is the hostname of the server where you'll be installing CentOS web panel.

To create a hostname, you can easily do so by using the hostname command.


The command above will create a hostname called, where is the main domain where CentOS web panel is installed.

Step 4 - Install CentOS Web Panel

Now that your server is updated, and the hostname is created, you can now proceed to install CentOS Web Panel.

1) To begin installing CentOS Web Panel, first you need to navigate to /usr/local/src directory.

cd /usr/local/src

2) Next, download the official CWP installer , by using wget.


3) Run the CentOS Web Panel installer

sh cwp-el7-latest

Note: The installation process will take about 30 minutes.

You will see the following output in you terminal, once CentOS Web panel is fully installed.

Step 4 - Complete Installation

CentOS Web panel is now installed on your system. You can now login to your CentOS Web panel server, by navigating to your server's IP.


Username is root, and password is the ssh password that you use to connect to your server.


In this tutorial, you learned how to install CentOS Web Panel on CentOS 8 Linux.