How to Install Burp Suite on Linux mint 21

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

Burp Suite is a security testing tool that you can use to test and identify vulnerabilities on your website or application.  In this tutorial you will learn how to install burp suite on Linux.

1)Visit Burp Suite's official website

Navigate to with your browser

2)Choose Burp Suite Version

Once you open burp suite's website on your browser, Click products on the navigation menu and choose the version of burp suite that you want to download.

Burp Suite offers three different software solutions, Burp Suite Enterprise Edition, Burp Suite Professional and Burp Suite Community Edition.

Even though community version is limited and doesn't offer as much features as the Professional version it's still a great tool that you can use for pentesting.

In this tutorial we went with Community Edition

3)Click Download

Next, you should see this page. Click "Go straight to downloads" if you don't want to subscribe for notifications on their website.

Choose which version you want to download from the dropdown box and click the Download button

For example, we are downloading the 64bit version of Burp Suite Community Edition. Once you click the download button the downloading should start, the file that will be downloaded is burp suite's official installer which is a bash script named

4)Make Burp Suite installer executable

Once the download finishes, you need to make the installer that you downloaded executable, launch terminal from the Downloads folder or where you downloaded the installer and then run the command below.

chmod +x

For example : If you haven't changed the download path then you need to go Downloads folder

cd Downloads

5)Install Burp Suite

After making burp suite's installer executable, you need to run the installer, simply run the command below


And you should see the following output

Next, the installation wizard will pop up as shown on the image below, start installation by Clicking Next

Next, leave the installation directory as is or set any other path you'd like and click Next

Proceed by clicking Next again on this step

And the installation should start

Now you need to click Finish as Burp Suite has been successfully installed on your system

How to Launch Burp Suite

You can launch Burp Suite via dashboard menu. Burp Suite gets added on "Other" category on your linux mint dashboard menu, so to launch it simply open the dashboard menu and browse to other category or search "Burp Suite" on the search box.

Burp Suite GUI


In this tutorial you learned how to Install Burp Suite on Linux Mint 21