How to install Android Studio on Ubuntu

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

Android Studio is an IDE that you can use to develop, debug and test Android Apps. If you are an Android Developer, or a newbie who wants to learn coding apps for Android OS then Android Studio is a must IDE that you should have on your computer.

Android studio by default it's not on Ubuntu repositories. However, in this tutorial, we'll be installing Android Studio via the source, which means we'll manually download the source from Android Studio's official website and install it on the system.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Android Studio on Ubuntu.

Install Android studio via source

1) Download Android Studio

First, head over Android's official website, and download Android Studio by clicking the download button

2) Navigate to Downloads

Once you download Android Studio, change the directory to Downloads

cd Downloads

3) Extract the content of the file that you downloaded on your machine

To extract Android Studio, you can use the tar xvf command.

tar -xvf

4) Install Android studio

To install Android studio is very easy. Navigate to the bin directory of the Android studio directory

cd android-studio/bin

And run the command below to start the Android Studio installer


The installer will run as shown in the image below

This the first window that you will see once Android Installer starts, in this step you need to choose if you want to upload Android studio settings. If this is your first time installing Android Studio, then you can safely ignore this window by choosing "Do not import settings" and clicking OK.

If you are installing Android studio and want to upload older settings from another Android studio installation, then go with "Config or installation directory".

Next, you will be asked if you want to send usage statistics to Android Studio

Next, simply click to "Next" button

Next, choose the type of installation, select "Standard" and then confirm by clicking to "Next"

Next, you need to choose the theme you want to use for your Android Studio

Next, you will be taken to this window, in this window you can see the current settings that will be installed on your Android Studio, you don't have to do anything here so simply proceed to install Android Studio by clicking "Next"

Next, accept the license agreement by checking the "Accept" box. You need to do this for both licenses shown in the left sidebar.



Once both license agreements are accepted, you need to click to "Finish" button to confirm and install Android studio.

After accepting the license agreement, Android Studio will begin downloading its components, wait for the process to complete and make sure to not close this window during this process.

Once all components are downloaded, click "Finish" button.

Now Android Studio should be successfully installed on your machine.

Launch Android Studio

Launch Android Studio via terminal

To launch Android Studio from the terminal, simply run the command below

cd /android-studio/bin/ && ./

Launch Android Studio using GUI

You can launch Android Studio from the applications menu on your system. Simply launch Activities overview, and then search for "Android Studio" on the search box, then simply click "Android Studio" icon to launch it.

Uninstalling Android Studio

To uninstall Android Studio, you can do so by removing the directory where Android Studio stores all settings

sudo rm -rf ~/.config/Google/AndroidStudio2022.3


In this tutorial, you learned how to install Android Studio on Ubuntu. In this tutorial, we installed Android Studio by downloading Android studio source from the official website of Android.