How to install and use Gnome Screenshot on Linux Mint

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

Gnome screenshot is an screenshot app that allows you to take screenshots of your desktop.

Gnome screenshot is the default screenshot application on Gnome. However, you can use Gnome screenshot on other desktop environments too.

In this tutorial for example, we are using Linux mint 21.2 Cinnamon version.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install and take screenshots with Gnome Screenshot tool on Linux Mint.

Step 1 - Install Gnome Screenshot

Gnome screenshot is part of Gnome desktop environment, as it comes as default screenshot app. To install Gnome Screenshot, you don't have to add any third party repository or anything else on your system, except using apt to download it directly from your terminal.

sudo apt install gnome-screenshot

Next, you will be prompted to authenticate, enter sudo password in order to proceed installing Gnome Screenshot

Once Authenticated, you need to confirm gnome-screenshot installation. To do this, simply press the Y key, and then press enter

Step 2 - Use Gnome Screenshot

Taking screenshot with Gnome Screenshot is really easy. Gnome Screenshot allows you to take a screenshot of an active window, a custom region and the whole Desktop.

Let's launch Gnome Screenshot and see how we can take screenshots using different options mentioned above.

Now we can launch Gnome Screenshot by going into Applications menu > Accessories > Screenshot

You can also launch it by searching 'Screenshot' on the search box.

Once Gnome Screenshot is launched, we can start using it to take screenshots.

Take a screenshot of the Screen

To take a screenshot of the whole desktop, Select 'Screen' and then click to ' Take a screenshot' button to take a screenshot

Once you have taken a screenshot, you will see the following saving dialog window. You can select a custom path where you want to save the screenshot, you can also change the name of the screenshot if you want.

To save the screenshot, simply click the 'Save' button

Take a screenshot of an active Window

The difference between active window, and the whole desktop, is that, active window allows you to take a screenshot only of a window, while whole desktop option allows you to screenshot the whole screen.

For example, let's say you want to screenshot only the terminal and not the whole screen.

To do this, you need to use the 'Window' option

The steps of taking a screenshot using the Window option, are the same as taking a screenshot of the whole screen.

Select 'Window' and then click the 'Take Screenshot' button, to screenshot only the active window that is on your desktop. Make sure to put the active window on focus so you can screenshot it, you can do this by simply clicking over the window that you want to screenshot before clicking to 'Take Screenshot' button.

Next, you need to save the screenshot you took. For example, we took a screenshot of our terminal window.

Take a screenshot of a custom selection

The custom selection option allows you to select a region on your desktop, and then screenshot only that region.

To take a screenshot of a custom selection, select 'Selection' option and click the 'Take Screenshot' button

Next, your desktop will be highlighted. Now you need to select the region that you want to screenshot by holding the click key on your mouse

Once you have selected the region, release the click button and you should see the saving dialog


Gnome Screenshot is one of many screenshot applications that you can use on Linux.

In this tutorial, we explained how to Install and take screenshots with Gnome Screenshot app on Linux Mint.