How to install and uninstall kernels on Linux Mint

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

With Update Manager you can update packages on Linux Mint, but you can also install or remove a kernel from your system.

If your system uses an old kernel, and you are looking to get the latest kernel, then you can get the latest kernel by using the Update Manager tool, but before you do that, it is best to check if that kernel version will support your hardware and it won't cause any issues.

Launch Update Manager

Launch Update manager via GUI

Open Applications Menu, and then go to 'Administration', and you should see the 'Update Manager' listed there. Click to launch it.

Launch Update Manager via Terminal

Alternatively, you can launch update manager via terminal


Install a kernel

Click to 'View'

Next, you need to choose 'Linux Kernels'

Next, you will see the following prompt. Click to 'Continue' button to proceed to the Kernels window

And it should take you to the Kernel window as shown in the image below. In this window you can choose the version of kernel that you want to install.

To install a kernel, select kernel version on the left. For example, we selected the kernel 6.2.

Now to install this kernel, you need to click over the kernel version after selecting it, and click to the 'Install' button

Next, you will get the following prompt, Choose 'Yes' to continue installing the kernel you chose

After confirming, enter sudo password and press enter to continue

And now the installation process will begin. Installing kernel is a process that might take awhile, so all you have to do now is wait until the process is completed. Also make sure to not close the terminal window during this process.

The pop up above will get closed when the kernel has been installed on your system. To verify this, you can go to Kernels window and it should show you which kernel version you installed, and which is currently active.

For example, we installed kernel 6.2.0-26, but this kernel version is not active yet because reboot is needed after installing a kernel.

So proceed to reboot, and then go to Kernels window again, and it should show you the kernel that you installed as active.

Uninstall a kernel

The process of uninstalling a kernel, is same as installing it, meaning you have to choose the version of kernel that you want to remove and then set it for removal.

Go to Kernels window, and click to 'Remove Kernels' button

Next, choose which kernel(s) you want to remove and click to 'Apply' button

Next, you need to authenticate in order to remove the kernel.

And kernels are now being removed from your system


In this tutorial, you learned how to Install and Uninstall a kernel, or multiple kernel version s on Linux Mint.