How to Hide the Windows 10 Search Box

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to hide the Windows 10 Search box; useful if you don't want to see Top Apps or just want more room to pin stuff on your taskbar.  

Windows 10 by default has bing search function enabled, so when you search something on your computer, it is same as if you are searching on bing, that is the reason why you get results from bing on your search box even when you are trying to search your personal files or softwares, and yet you get results from bing first then from your pc.

Personally I don't like this feature because it is a violation of my privacy, if i'm searching for my files or my personal stuff I wouldn't want a search engine logging my information.

To disable search box and to protect your privacy follow the steps below

Right-click Taskbar > Select Hidden  

The search box will minimize  

How to Enable the Search Icon

Right-Click Taskbar > Show search icon


By now, you should know how to disable the Windows 10 Search box, search at Start and enable the Search icon.