How to Setup Email Forward Option on Porkbun

In this tutorial you will learn how to setup the email forward option on Porkbun. This option allows you to forward emails that are sent to your sites's email to your personal email, this feature is useful when you want to make sure to not miss any emails that are sent to your site or when you don't have an email server installed on your server.

Step 1 - Login to Porkbun

Login to your porkbun account, or your domain registrar, even if you use a different domain name registrar the steps of setting up this feature may be similar.

Step 2 - Go to Domains Management

Once you have logged into your account, go to the domain management section, click to Account button at top right corner and then click to Domain management, or simply copy paste the direct link below to your browser.

Step 3 - Setup Email Forward

On domain management section you should see all your domains listed, click to the forward icon as shown in the screenshot below to proceed with the setup

Next Enter the email you want to use for forwarding emails to your personal email, fill out both fields and click the "Create Email Forward"

Example : If someone sends an email to this address will forward the email to the personal account

Step 4 - Test Email

Once you have created your email forward, go to your email client that you use and send a test email to the email address that you created.

If you receive the email that means the forward option is working, if you don't receive any email you need to make sure you are using the right mx records provided by porkbun.

If you are using porkbun only as domain registrar and not hosting then you need to add these two records to your server/cdn

Make sure your domain is pointing to

MX pointing to TTL = 600/AUTO
MX pointing to TTL = 600/AUTO

For example if you use cloudflare as cdn, cloudflare will autodiscover these two records and you don't have to add them manually. However, if cloudflare didn't discover them during the dns scan you can still add them.


By now you should know how to setup email forward option on Porkbun. Even if you don't use Porkbun as your domain registrar, steps creating an email forward are the same as explained in this tutorial.