How To Force Quit Processes on Windows 10

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

You may find yourself in need of a quick and easy way to force quit lagging or unresponsive programs when using Windows 10  operating system.  In addition to Task Manager, you can use the Command Prompt to easily end programs you no longer want to use.

Open CMD, Run as Administrator

Type tasklist in CMD box. Enter

You should see this:

Find the exe or program you want to force quit (image goes here)

Type Taskkill /F /im [program name] in Administrator Command Prompt box

For our example, we want to force quit the Twisted Brush art software:
Taskkill /F /im tbpaintstudio.exe, click enter

Look for the success message

You will receive this error if attempting to quit a process that is no longer active

Alternate ways to quit a program in Windows 10

End task via Task Manager

Locate the unresponsive program under background processes

Open Task Manager, click more details,

Look for the program name under background processe

How to activate Task Manager

Press and hold CTRL+ALT+DEL, choose Task Manager

Right click on your taskbar, select Task Manager

Click into search box and type Task Manager, Run as Administrator

Click Start and R to open Run box, type tskmgr to open Task Manager


In this tutorial you learned how to force quit a process on Windows 10 using the taskkill command and task manager.