How to fix "nordvpnd.sock not found" error on Nordvpn

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

In this tutorial you will learn how to fix the error " Whoops! /run/nordvpn/nordvpnd.sock not found" on NordVPN.

You may encounter this error, when trying to connect to a server on Nordvpn, via the nordvpn connect command on your terminal.

This error happens because nordvpnd process is not running, or the user that you are trying to run nordvpnd from doesn't have permission to do so.

nordvpnd is Nordvpn's daemon service, and if this process is not running, then you won't be able to connect to any server.

This is a known issue and can be fixed easily by following this tutorial

Step 1 - Check if nordvpnd is running

To check whether the NordVPN daemon is running or not , run the command below

systemctl status nordvpnd

If nordvpnd service is running it will show as active which means nordvpn daemon service is running correctly, and the issue is not caused by nordvpnd.service.

Step 2 - Restart NordVPN Daemon

If nordvpnd service is not running, as shown on the image below, you need to restart the daemon service by running this command

sudo systemctl restart nordvpnd

Once you run the command above NordVPN daemon service will be restarted and you should be able to connect to NordVPN again by simply entering the command

nordvpn connect

Step 3 - Fix permission issues

If you get this error while trying to run "nordvpn connect" even after restarting the daemon service, this means you don't have the right permission to execute the restart command and because of this nordvpnd can't connect.

To fix this simply enter the below command and restart your system

sudo usermod -aG nordvpn $USER

Note: User should have root access in order to be able to add the current user to nordvpn group.

Useful NordVNP Commands

Login to your NordVPN

nordvpn login

Logout from NordVPN

nordvpn logout

Connect to the closest server to your location

nordvpn connect 
nordvpn c

Check status of your connection

This command will show data about your current connection, such as : country, server Ip, bandwidth, uptime etc

nordvpn status

Disconnect from NordVPN

nordvpn disconnect

Connect to Double-VPN server

This command will connect you to the closest double-vpn server

nordvpn c double_vpn

If you want to connect to specific double-vpn server you can use the command below

Replace the country_code with the country code of the server you want to connect

nordvpn connect --group double_vpn <country_code>

For example to connect to US and another server enter the command

nordvpn connect --group double_vpn us

Connect to P2P Servers

nordvpn connect P2P

Enable CyberSec feature on NordVPN

This feature enables the cyber security feature which block malicious domains, domains and unsafe connections.

nordvpn set cybersec on

Enable Killswitch Feature

Killswitch is another useful feature, it terminates your internet connection if the vpn server fails, so it prevents your IP from getting leaked in case of connection issues with vpn servers.

nordvpn set killswitch on

Set AutoConnect

If you want NordVPN to autoconnect everytime your computer boots up then you can do so by running the command below

nordvpn set autoconnect on

Change Protocol of VPN

Set Protocol to UDP

nordvpn set protocol udp

Set Protocol to TCP

nordvpn set protocol tcp

To get the full list of commands you can use the man command

The command below will display the full list of available commands for NordVPN

nordvpn man


By now you should know how to fix the issue with nordvpnd.service. Hopefully this tutorial helped you solving this issue.