How to fix Ubuntu has experienced an internal error

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

In this tutorial, you will learn how to fix the error "Ubuntu has experienced an internal error" on Ubuntu 23.04.

This error happens, when your system crashes, and the reason why you get this error is because the apport tool may be enabled on your system.

Apport collects information about crashes and what causes them and then it reports it to the bug trackers.

There are several ways to fix this issue.

One way to fix this issue is by disabling the apport tool on your system.

However, disabling apport it's not always the solution that you may be looking for, as disabling apport will only remove the pop up from your system, and it won't fix the real cause of the issue.

In our case, obsolete packages seem to be the cause of the error. As we can see, on the apport window, the following packages : libldb2, libsmbclient, libwbclient0 and samba-libs are obsolete.

Fix Internal Error by Upgrading your system

To check for updates, and if there are new updates to be installed on Ubuntu 23.04, to proceed installing them. You can do so, by running the commands below

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

The first command will check for updates, and then the second command will upgrade all packages on your system automatically without having to confirm because we are using the -y argument.

Fix Internal Error by Disabling Apport

If everything is working correctly for you on your system, but you still get the apport pop saying that there's still a crash happening on your system, then you can disable apport in order to get rid of the pop up.

To stop apport process, and disable it from starting on boot, run the command below

sudo systemctl disable apport.service --now

Fix Internal Error by deleting the crash file

When your system crashes, a crash file gets generated automatically on /var/crash .

This file contains all the information about the crash. If you want to keep apport enabled on your system, but you want to make sure to not get the same pop up again, then you can simply delete the crash file.

The crash file is located at /var/crash

To delete everything inside the crash directory, run the command below

sudo rm /var/crash/*


In this tutorial, you learned how to fix "Ubuntu has experienced an internal error" error on Ubuntu 23.04.