How to Fix Playback was terminated abnormallly. Reason: unrecognized format on Celluloid

If you are getting the error " Playback was terminated abnormally. Reason: unrecognized format" on Celluloid when trying to add an playlist file of a .pls format type, there's a work around this issue without having to reinstall celluloid or doing anything else.

Step 1 - Create the playlist file

Create the playlist file, this file can be a txt file and you can create it with any text editor you want.

Simply open the text editor you use, put the links on the file and save the file as "playlist.txt"

In this tutorial i'm creating a playlist file with youtube links.

Step 2 - Rename playlist.txt to playlist.m3u

Once you have created the playlist.txt file

rename this file to playlist.m3u, you can also create the m3u file directly without having to rename the file.

Now simply drag and drop the m3u file to Celluloid and you should see the links added on playlist section on Celluloid

Then all you have to do is click play and the video will start playing, if you add an youtube video like I did you will notice once you click the play button the video won't start right away because it is fetching it directly from youtube, this depends on your internet speed and the video that you are trying to play.


By now you should know how to fix the error "Playback was terminated abnormally. Reason unrecognized format". Hopefully this tutorial helped you solving this issue.