How to find nginx version

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

In this tutorial, you will learn how to find nginx version.

If you are running nginx on your server and you don't know which version of nginx you are running, you can easily find which nginx version by simply running the version command.

No matter the operating system your server is using, finding nginx version can be done by using the same command.

Below we'll be using two version commands, -v and -V.

For many apps, the uppercase and lowercase -V displays version. However, on Nginx these are two different commands.

the lowercase -v will show you nginx version only

the uppercase -V will show you nginx version, and configure options

Find Nginx version

1) Login on your SSH Server


2) Run the version command

nginx -v

3) You should see a similar output on your terminal, the version that you see in the terminal is the version of nginx.

For example, we were using nginx version 1.18.0

Find Nginx version and configure options

If you want to know more details about your nginx installation, and not only the version, then you can simply run the uppercase version command.

nginx -V

The command above, will show you nginx version, and also configure options that your nginx installation is using.

Find if nginx version is vulnerable

Finding version of Nginx is also necessary when you want to know if that nginx version that your server is running has vulnerabilities. To find out, simply perform a simple check on Nginx security advisories.

Nginx security advisories is the official site of Nginx, where they publish security issues related to Nginx.

Based on nginx version, you can easily see if your nginx version is vulnerable or has any security issue.


In this tutorial, you learned how to find nginx version that your server is running, and how to check if your nginx installation is vulnerable or not.