How to disable scrollbar on Linux Terminal on Ubuntu

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

On Ubuntu and some other linux distros, scrollbar is a feature that is enabled by default.

Scrollbar is a useful feature as it helps you to navigate on your terminal easier. However, since scrollbar is enabled by default, it means that the scrollbar will be visible even when there's nothing to scroll on your terminal.

For example, when you launch terminal, you can easily see scrollbar showing at the side.

Now this is not an issue in terms of functionality, but it's more like of a "visual bug". Furthermore, disabling scrollbar won't disable scroll functionality, as the goal of disabling scrollbar is to make terminal more beautiful.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to disable the scrollbar of your Ubuntu terminal.

Step 1 - Launch Terminal

In Ubuntu like other linux distros, you can easily launch terminal by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + T.

The key combination above is a fast and easy way to launch terminal directly without having to use GUI. However, you can also use GUI if you prefer.

Depending on your setup, terminal can be launched from applications menu also.

Once your terminal is launched, move to next step

Step 2 - Disable Scrollbar on Terminal

To disable scrollbar is quite simple, and it can be done by simply disabling the scrollbar feature on the preferences of the terminal.

First, go to Preferences by clicking the hamburger icon at the top right of your terminal.

And choose "Preferences".

Next, go to your Terminal's Profile. Simply click over the profile of your terminal.

Once you are in the profile window, go to "Scrolling" tab.

Now simply uncheck "Show scrollbar" option to disable scrollbar on your terminal.

Now scrollbar should be disabled on your terminal.


In this tutorial, we explained step by step how to disable the scrollbar feature on your terminal on Ubuntu.