How to Dejunk your Computer in 7 Easy Steps

When your computer is new, it zips along. Folders and files opening at the speed of light. Browser pages loading before you can blink. Over time, that once speed demon slows to a crawl and rather than booting in seconds, takes minutes. When this happens, it's time to clean it up. You can take some common sense steps to remove all the unwanted content and free up space on your Windows 10 PC to get it back up to speed again.

Here's where to start:

1) Empty recycle bin daily  

You might be surprised just how much junk collects in the recycle bin. And just like the kitchen trash, needs to be taken out daily.

2) Remove all preinstalled Microsoft bloatware including games

Check your programs for anything you're not actively using and uninstall as soon as possible.

3) Pick one favorite browser and uninstall the others

There are some theories that you need Edge or Internet Explorer so that Microsoft can download updates for your Windows 10 Device. Just in case keep these browsers and pick one more such as Mozilla FireFox or Chrome and get rid of anything else you're not using daily.

4) Disable all but two of the most recent restore points

You will usually get a restore point every time you install software or Windows 10 updates.

5) Delete contents in download folder, temporary files and Windows 10 update cache

Go to Settings > System > Storage and enable the Storage Sense feature. Under Change how we free up space, check delete files in my downloads folder

6) Remove Windows 10 user accounts that are no longer in use

A Windows 10 user will contain replicas of the software you are using on the main. If you're not using it, then delete.

7) Move music, movies, mp4's, work files to an external drive

This is probably the easiest step as anything entertainment related can be moved.


By now you should know how to dejunk your computer in 7 easy steps.