How to create a profile on Linux terminal

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

Creating a profile on your terminal is very easy. Using profiles is necessary when you want to use different configurations for the terminal, but without having to change the settings manually.

Let's say you want to setup two terminals that have different fonts, now instead of changing the font manually for each terminal, you can easily create two profiles that are independent from each other and set the custom fonts for each terminal.

So when you want to switch fonts, you can do so by choosing the profile you created as default.

Terminal can have multiple profiles, so you can use multiple profiles at the same time, each with different configurations.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a profile on Linux Terminal

Create a profile on Linux Terminal

Setting up a profile on Terminal can be done by using GUI.

First launch your terminal, you can launch your terminal by using the shortcut ALT + SHIFT + T

This key combination works for any Linux distro.

Now that your terminal is running, let's create a profile on it.

1) First click to "Edit"

and go to "Preferences"

Now once you are in the preferences window, you can create a profile on your terminal.

To do so, simply click to the + button

Set a name for your profile and then click to "Create"

And now you should have a new profile created on your terminal. The new profile will appear at the sidebar of the preferences window.

As you can see we have two profiles using the same name, you can use any name you like.

The reason why using the same name for both profiles works is that each profile gets a new ID after it's been created, even though names are the same, IDs are not.

Mark a profile as default

Marking a profile as default allows you to use the settings of that profile everytime you launch your terminal.

To mark a profile as default, select the profile first, and then click the arrow button and choose "Set as default"

Switching profiles

If you have created multiple profiles on your terminal, to switch between them, all you have to do is select the profile that you want to activate, and then click to "Set as default"


By now you should how to create a profile on your Linux terminal. For this tutorial, we used Linux Mint.