How to check firefox version in Arch Linux

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

In this tutorial, you will learn how to check Firefox version in your Arch Linux machine.

To find which version of Firefox you are running on your Arch Linux machine, there are multiple ways. However, in this tutorial, we'll be checking Firefox version by using 3 different methods.

In the first method, we'll check Firefox version, via the version command.

In the second method, we'll check Firefox version, via the default package manager in Arch Linux, pacman.

In the third method, we'll check Firefox version via Firefox.

Check Firefox version via version command

The easiest and the fastest way to find version of your Firefox browser that you have installed on your Arch Linux system, is by using the version command, that can tell us which version of Firefox it's currently installed.

First, you need to launch the terminal, to do so press CTRL + ALT +T.

Once terminal is launched, run the command below to check Firefox version.

firefox --version

Check Firefox version via pacman

pacman is the default package manager in Arch Linux, that you can use when it comes to managing packages in Arch Linux.

However, pacman it's not only used for downloading, installing or removing packages, pacman can also be used to view package details.

To find firefox version by using pacman, you can do so by using the -Qi option.

pacman -Qi firefox

As you can see in the output below, pacman shows that we are running Firefox version 121.0.1-1

Check Firefox version via Firefox

Another way of finding Firefox version, is by simply using Firefox.

Firefox like other apps, can tell you information about the version that you have currently installed.

To find Firefox version via Firefox, first launch Firefox.


Next, Go to "Settings" by clicking the hamburger icon.

Next, click "Help" button

Now, simply go to "About" section

and it should tell you which version of Firefox is currently installed in your Arch Linux system


In this tutorial, you learned different ways of finding Firefox version that is currently installed in your Arch Linux machine.