How to change your mouse pointer Size and Color on Windows 11


In this tutorial you will learn how to change the style of your mouse pointer, you can change size, color

Step 1- Open start menu

Start menu icon on Windows 11 is the same as Windows 10, so simply click or press the windows button to open start menu

Step 2 - Go to Settings

Click the settings icon on start menu and it should take you to settings window

Step 3 - Go to accessibility

As shown in the screenshot below, click to accessibility

Step 4 - Go to "Mouse Pointer and touch" section

In this Window you can customize your mouse pointer settings, it allows you to change the style of your mouse, change the size and more.

Step 5 - Click mouse pointer style

This option allows you to change the style of the pointer.

Once you have selected your favorite mouse pointer or changed the size/color you don't have to click anything to save the changes you made, so simply close the window and the settings will be saved automatically.


By now you should know how to change the style/color/size of your mouse pointer on Windows 11 without having to download any extra software or anything else.


Endrit Qerreti

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