How to change terminal theme on Ubuntu

Endrit Qerreti

Endrit Qerreti

Terminal on Ubuntu can easily be customized to fit your preferences. When it comes to changing terminal theme, it can be done from the settings of the terminal.

If you are a terminal user, or if you work a lot on the terminal, changing the background color of the terminal and text's color is a must.

Why is it a must?

The point of changing the background and text color is not only for making the terminal to look better, but it can also help you be more productive, because it will also be more easy on your eyes.

Colors shouldn't be the reason why you like using GUI more instead of the terminal, as you can easily set any color on your terminal.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to change theme of your Terminal on Ubuntu.

Change Terminal theme on Ubuntu

1) Launch your terminal

To launch terminal on Ubuntu, you can use the shortcut ALT + SHIFT + T

2) Go to "Preferences" window

Click to the hamburger button located at top right on your terminal, and choose "Preferences"

3) Go to your Profile

You will see the settings window, now you need to go to your terminal's profile. If you don't have a profile created for your terminal, you can easily do so by clicking to the + button.

Enter to your profile by clicking it

4) Next, go to "Colors" tab

Now in the Colors tab you can easily change the background of your terminal and the color of the text.

You can select any color you like for background and text.

To do so, set the background color by clicking to the box under "Background", and to change text color click to the box under "Text" color

However, if you don't want to select colors manually, you can choose one of the already built themes.

To change the theme of your terminal, uncheck "Use colors from system theme" and select the theme you like on "Built-in schemes".


In this tutorial, you learned how to change the theme of your terminal on Ubuntu.